What's this site about?

Young Actress Reviews exists to inform you about young actresses whose careers you should keep your eye on, and which of their movies are the most worthy of attention. While there are many sites on the Internet that feature young talent in film, our site is focused only on those movies and actresses we feel are among the very best, and we aim to provide original content with a fresh perspective.

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Who are you?

We are Alex and Dale, and building a site like this has been on our minds for a very long time. If you'd like to contact either of us individually, Alex's email address is and Dale's is If you'd like to encrypt your email, use this PGP key. If you want to email both of us, contact us here.

How do you score movies?

Each movie is given two scores: movie score, and actress score. The movie score rates how much we liked the movie as a whole, whereas the actress score rates the young actress herself. A movie with a high actress score but a low movie score means that the actress was likely the only worthwhile aspect of the movie. The following tables loosely explain our scoring criteria:
Actress Score
1.0 / 5
Not much to see; actress in a very small or bad role
2.0 / 5
Possibly worth checking out; a good performance in a very bad role, or a mediocre performance in a bad role
2.5 / 5
Probably worth checking out; a good performance in a bad role, or a mediocre performance in a mediocre role
3.0 / 5
Very likely worth checking out; a very good performance in a bad role, or a good performance in a mediocre role
4.0 / 5
Recommended; a very good performance in a mediocre role, or a good performance in a good role
4.4 / 5
Highly recommended and among our favorites; a very good performance in a good role
5.0 / 5
Our top favorite; one of the most impressive young actresses performances you will ever see
Movie Score
1.0 / 5
Very bad
1.5 / 5
A bad movie
2.0 / 5
Below average
2.5 / 5
3.0 / 5
Above average
3.5 / 5
A good movie; recommended
4.0 / 5
Very good; highly recommended
5.0 / 5
Our top favorite

Obviously the scores we assign a movie reflect our personal opinions. You shouldn't avoid a movie because we (or others) give it a low score, but rather you should decide for yourself. The main purpose of our scoring system is to tell you which films we think are worth seeing before others.

The Screen Time field tells how many minutes of the movie the actress is seen on the screen. That doesn't indicate how important the character is, since in some movies a central character might be seen very rarely.

Why haven't you reviewed Such-and-such?

Most likely the reason is simply lack of time. The process of creating a full review that lives up to this site's standards takes a significant amount of time. It's also possible we haven't yet seen or even heard of the movie. Do let us know if there's a movie you think we ought to review.

Can I help?

If you fancy yourself a good writer and would like to contribute a review or actress biography, then definitely get in touch with us. Note however that, while you would retain copyright, you must be willing to license your work under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. (See the legal section below.) We would also require editorial control.

Legalese makes me hot. Talk dirty to me.

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